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Lake Side Lodge

Lakeside Lodge is a typical Swedish cabin with a story. Built in 1962 by the Hansson family from nearby Kiruna. In those days there was no road, let alone electricity. The only way to reach this magical place was by boat in the summer or over the ice in the winter. It was not until 1986 that a simple gravel road and electricity were built along the lake.

Today we enjoy the austerity of the past and the accessibility of today. Hardly a 15' drive from the airport and yet in the absolute silence that you can no longer experience elsewhere.

As frequent visitors to the region, the Lodge happened to cross our path and we became joint owners of the whole with 2 families.

We have enjoyed coming to Lapland for years. To enjoy nature, the power of silence, the solitude or just each other. With Midnight Sun in the summer and the wonderful Northern Lights in the winter

aka Aurora Borealis.

Welcome to our holiday home with a garden at the back of ...

6,000 square kilometers :-).

Ben & LiesbetSansen van Dessel

Farhad & IlseTajdar Decordier

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